Students Carmen Owen-Block, Sophie Held, Ellie Lu, and Daniel Vlodaver recently took home a bronze medal at the Research Chefs Association (RCA) National Student Savory Culinology ® Competition.

Graduate student Vaidhyanathan Anantharamkrishnan highlighted the award winners.

Omolo received the award for exceptional leadership and service to the University and surrounding community.

Learn about the amazing research underway by our graduate students at this annual event held on May 15. 

The College Bowl team finished in second place at the IFTSA North Central Area Meeting hosted by the University of Missouri.

Professor David Baumler is working on a project to develop a bacteria-killing light.

Graduate student Grant Hedblom received the Minnesota Association of Meat Processors annual scholarship.

The department invites anyone attending IFT18 in Chicago to the Minnesota Cocktail Hour as part of the annual conference. 

Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan has stepped aside as department head; Dr. Gary Reineccius will serve as interim department head. 

Dr. Steven Bowden is the newest member of the FSCN faculty, joining the department as an assistant professor in food science. 


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