Student Organization of Nutrition and Dietetics (SOND)

Since 1980, The Student Organization of Nutrition and Dietetics, SOND, has brought together nutrition and dietetics students for networking, support, fun and outreach. SOND offers students an opportunity to do these things and more.

SOND members are nutrition and dietetics students at the University of Minnesota, housed in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences on the St. Paul campus. Students are primarily found in one of two programs within the Department of Food Science and Nutrition:

  1. The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition is a science-based curriculum which prepares students for a dietetic internship upon graduation. Upon completion of their dietetic internship, students are prepared to take the national registration exam to become a registered dietitian.
  2. The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences provides students with a strong science and research background that they can apply to graduate school, medical school, or another career choice.

Nutrition and dietetics is designed for students planning to become registered dietitians by meeting the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics requirements, which include completion of an approved baccalaureate program, approved or accredited professional experience (e.g. internship), and a national registration examination.

Nutrition graduates who choose not to become registered dietitians have a wide variety of career opportunities based on their coursework in life sciences, liberal education, and nutrition.

SOND Officers for 2021-22 

Leadership Opportunities

SOND is involved with many nutrition-related activities throughout the year, including nutrition fairs, the bi-annual nutrition career fair, and various community volunteer opportunities. As SOND grows, and as nutrition becomes more and more important in our daily lives, bright student leaders are needed to keep SOND's light shining. Are you a student with a burning passion for nutrition involvement, education and organizing? If so, SOND needs you and your desire to make a change in our world.

Each spring, SOND members elect officers to run the organization. Positions available at that time include:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Be a leader with SOND and develop and refine your leadership, organization, and motivation skills. Many opportunities are available for students with energy and enthusiasm!


Students may join SOND at any time throughout the year. Membership is good until the beginning of the next school year, when dues are required again. Membership benefits include the following:

  • Build fellowship and fun memories with nutrition, dietetic, food science students and faculty
  • Obtain notices of club meetings and work/volunteer/leadership/fundraising opportunities through the list service or classes
  • Mentor and network within the nutrition community
  • Explore the nutrition and dietetic field
  • Gain valuable knowledge and experiences

Membership fees: $5/semester, $8/year

SOND holds meetings about once a month. We also have many other activities going on throughout the year.

For further information on club events and activities, visit the student-managed SOND webpage