Graduate and Adjunct Faculty

Note: Emeritus Faculty are not accepting new student advisees but can serve on committees

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Food Science Graduate Faculty

NameTitleContact Information
Abdennour AbbasPhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
George AnnorPh.D., Assistant Professor,
General Mills Endowed Professor in Cereal Chemistry and Technology
[email protected]
William A. AtwellAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Steven BowdenPh.D., Assistant Professor[email protected]
Joellen FeirtagPh.D., Associate Professor and Food Safety Specialist[email protected]
Craig A. HasselPh.D., Associate Professor and Extension Nutritionist[email protected]
Baraem (Pam) IsmailPh.D., Professor
Food Science Major Coordinator
[email protected]
Anup JohnyPh.D., Assistant Professor in Animal Science[email protected]
Kumar MallikarjunanPh.D., Professor[email protected]
Len MarquartPh.D., RD, Professor[email protected]
Daniel J. O'SullivanPh.D., Professor[email protected]
Gary A. ReinecciusPh.D., Professor Emeritus[email protected]
Roger R. RuanPhD, Professor[email protected]
Fernando Sampedro ParraAssistant Professor[email protected]
Joanne L. SlavinPh.D., RD, Professor[email protected]
David E. SmithPh.D., Professor Emeritus[email protected]
Job UbbinkPhD, Professor[email protected]
Christine VandongenFellow, Sensory Center[email protected]
Zata M. VickersPh.D., Professor[email protected]

Adjunct Faculty

NamePositionContact Information
Nikolas AndersonAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
William AtwellAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Sumana BellAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Tammy ButterickAdjunct Associate Professor[email protected]
Carrie EarthmanAdjunct Professor[email protected]
Catherine KotzAdjunct Professor[email protected]
Jillian LampertAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Allessandra MartiAdjunct Associate Professor[email protected]
Serpil MetinAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Joshua NixonAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Christine NowakowskiAdjunct Associate Professor[email protected]
Powel OlszewskiAdjunct Associate Professor[email protected]
Susan RaatzAdjunct Professor[email protected]
Moon-Suhn RyuAdjunct Assistant Professor[email protected]
Mary SchmidlAdjunct Professor[email protected]
Tonya SchoenfussAdjunct Professor[email protected]