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    Academic Programs and Advising

    Academic Advising

    CFANS Student Services

    FScN Undergraduate Programs

    [email protected]

    FScN Graduate Programs

    [email protected]

    Main Office Staff

    Name Position/title Email Phone
    Sara Jane Cannon Undergraduate Programs Coordinator-Student Services for Undergraduate Students [email protected]
    Drew Carter FSCN and Dietetic Internship Communications Coordinator [email protected]
    Doreen Davis Associate Program Director, Dietetic Internship [email protected] 612-626-7619
    Michelle Gobely Executive Accounts Specialist [email protected] 624-1236
    Dorit Hafner Administrative Director [email protected] 612-624-4789
    Andrew Howe Graduate Programs Coordinator - Student Services for Graduate Students [email protected] 612-624-6753
    Kat Klammer Lab Coordinator [email protected] 2036105987
    Therese Liffrig Director, Dietetic Internship Program MPH, RDN, LD [email protected] 612-624-2787
    Corrie Marion Program Director, DPD [email protected] 612-625-8495
    Brittney Murray Office Support Manager [email protected] 612-624-9755

    Department Head

    Johan B Ubbink
    [email protected]

    Joseph J. Warthesen Food Processing Center (Pilot Plant)

    Name Position/title Email Phone
    Mitchell Maher Scientist [email protected] 612-624-7776
    Ray Miller Coordinator, Pilot Plant [email protected] 612-624-7776
    Dane Sekerak Operations Assistant [email protected] 9524562562

    Dietetic Internship

    UMN Dietetic Internship Website

    Dietetic Internship Program Director

    Therese Liffrig ([email protected])

    Associate Program Director

    Doreen Davis ([email protected])