Students Win Big at SHIFT20

July 31, 2020

Our students are incredible! Four of them placed in their respective categories in the annual IFT conference’s #SHIFT20 Graduate Research Oral and Poster Competitions, which were held virtually earlier this summer. In the Dairy Foods Division Oral Competition, Lisa Chou placed 2nd with her talk entitled “Using FT-NIR spectroscopy to predict process cheese functionality.” In the Protein Division Oral Competition, Vaidhy Anantharamkrishnan won 2nd with his presentation “Plant and Dairy Proteins and their Covalent Interaction with Flavor” and Fan Bu placed 3rd with her talk “Improving the Structure and Functionality of Pea Protein Pisum sativum Isolate Using Atmospheric Cold Plasma.” In the Protein Division Poster Competition, Lucy Hansen won first place with her project entitled “Optimizing the Conditions for Pea Protein Extraction and Characterizing Impacts on Structure.” Congratulations to you all on your achievements!