lab studentsThe Department of Food Science and Nutrition is pleased to offer several scholarship opportunities for its students. From undergraduate education, to international learning and conference grant awards, FSCN will help you find the proper funding for your education. Contact the undergraduate student services coordinator for more information on all of our opportunities.

Departmental Scholarships

FSCN Departmental Scholarship

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition awards over $100,000 annually in undergraduate scholarships. Individual award amounts range from $500 to $2,500 per student, and can be issued from general purpose to major specific (i.e. dairy technology). A department application must be completed for these scholarships, and are due by March 1. Apply Now (UMN login/email necessary to view application)

FSCN Global Learning Scholarship

The FSCN Global Learning Scholarship helps cover partial costs for international learning experiences. Applications are accepted year-round, but must be submitted at least three months prior to the beginning of your travels. Apply now

FSCN Conference Grant

FSCN undergraduate students may apply for funding to help pay for the costs of presenting a paper/research and/or actively taking part in a professional conference. This can include registration, travel, lodging and food. Awards are typically $100 for out-of-town conferences and $50 for local conferences. Awards are limited to one per student per year. Apply now

University of Minnesota Scholarships

A variety of scholarships are offered both through the University of Minnesota and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). Contact the Office of Student Finance and CFANS to learn more about the opportunities they offer. 

External Scholarships

Industry and professional associations often offer scholarships for students within their specialties. Amounts vary depending on the individual scholarship and organization. Students are notified directly of these opportunities via e-mail, and apply directly from the source. 

There are many scholarships available, but below are a few examples: