Sonia Patel

Dairy Food Application Scientist, Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center

1334 Eckles Ave
St Paul, MN 55108
United States

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Technical expertise: identifying new or alternative Dairy-based ingredients application for existing products to improve the product's Functional, Nutritional profile, and quality. 2. Insights: Design, develop, and deliver consumer-focused research ideas, innovative food products, and technologies that can drive business growth. Rapidly investigate, validate customer problems, and provide potential solutions. 3. Support industries: Facilitate customized training programs and Presentation, lead product and process development activities to ensure successful scale-up.


Sonia Patel Dairy Food Scientist brings her in-depth experience in Research and Development, product development, and project management skills, with a primary focus on dairy ingredients and products in the different food systems. Background includes applying existing or new novel ingredients such as Protein and bioactive compounds in dairy and non-dairy products, studying ingredient interactions, texture optimization, cost-effective formulation solutions, and shelf-life improvements including clean label solutions. Work with customers on R&D projects from concept to commercialization, collaborating to achieve desired outcomes. Technical leadership in the application of functional dairy ingredients to launch of new or modified products for target consumers. Currently driving and leading the Dairy Food innovation & application for the Midwest Dairy Foods Research center and associated with NDC and USDEC to support US dairy food manufacturers to increase the value and volume of Dairy. Bringing work experience with Fonterra Brands, New Zealand, and Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center, at SDSU & U of MN. Sonia has M.Sc. in Microbiology - Environment biotechnology. She is a member of the Dairy foods division, Institute of Food Technologists.