Sonali Raghunath

222 FSCN

1334 Eckles Ave
St Paul, MN 55108
United States

Kumar Mallikarjunan

Bachelor of Technology in Food Technology from Anna University ACT Campus

Masters of Science in Food Science from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities


Sonali Raghunath is a Food Engineer cum scientist working on working to better understanding how novel food processing technologies can be used for better functionality of food proteins. Sonali enjoys generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems. She finished her B.Tech in Food Technology from Anna University, Chennai, India, and her M.S. in Food Science from the University of Minnesota and is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Food Engineering. Sonali is a proud recipient of the UMN President Student Leadership and Service award 2022 ,CFANS Borealis Graduate Leadership award 2022. Sonali has been involved with multiple organizations and received awards and scholarships from IFT feeding tomorrow, MN-IFT, MnDRIVE Global food ventures 2021-2022, FScN, CFANS, and ASABE, and various product development competitions including Ocean Spray Cranberries, National Dairy Council, American Society of Baking and IFT Protein innovation challenge. This is in addition to her leadership successes in Phi Tau Sigma and volunteer awards including Excellence in Leadership Graduate award from IFT. In her free time, she enjoys exploring various single-origin coffees, learning political economics & history, traveling, and trying different food cuisines.

Areas of Interest

  • Food Engineering and Process Design
  • Non Thermal Processing
  • Food Proteins
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Food Safety and Quality
  • Dairy Chemistry and Technology
  • Ingredient Chemistry
  • Business Management

Select Publications

Raghunath, S., Mallikarjunan, P.K. and Schoenfuss, T.C. (2021) “Optimization and effect of pulsed electric field processing parameters on insolubility index of reconstituted milk protein concentrate 85 (MPC85),” 2021 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting, July 12-16, 2021 [Preprint]. Available at:

Raghunath, S., & Mallikarjunan, K. (2020). Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of cold-brewed black tea using response surface methodology. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 43(11), e13540.

Sonali Raghunath, Gayathri Govindarajan, Sri Durga Devi N, Usha Antony, Christopher Vimalson D. Utilization of food wastes to prepare film forming biomolecules. International Journal of Advanced Educational Research, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2019, Pages 15-19