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Joanne Slavin

B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science - University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

B.S. in Nutrition - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


I grew up in a small town in northwest Wisconsin, and I attended undergrad at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse where I studied Exercise and Sport Science. Following graduation, I spent 5 months volunteering at a clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I discovered a passion for nutrition and maternal and child health. I received my second bachelors degree from the U of M in Nutrition and completed the DPD with the hopes of someday becoming a Registered Dietitian. I am now in the Nutrition 4+1 integrated bachelors/masters program, working as a research assistant under Dr. Slavin. My area of research is mainly dietary fiber. I plan to complete my Dietetic Internship once I receive my masters degree in Nutrition and hopefully work in the field of maternal and pediatric nutrition.

Areas of Interest

  • Dietary fiber and the gut microbiome
  • Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) and gut microbiome modulation
  • Maternal and pediatric nutrition