Winter Student Success Spotlight

March 04, 2024

Priyanshi Chaturvedi:

Priyanshi presented a poster, delivered an oral presentation in the non-thermal processing division at IFT FIRST 2023, and secured the first position in the presentation competition. Learn more

Noor E Huma:

Noor, a Nutrition graduate student working with Dr. Andres Gomez, presented at American Society for Microbiology (North Central Branch) 2023 in La-Crosse-Wisconsin and secured third position in poster session for graduate students. Her poster title was "Consumption of Kombucha Alleviates Depressive Symptoms and Modulates the Gut Microbiome in Mice"

Sonali Raghunath:

IFT Dairy Food Division - Outstanding Volunteer Award 22-23

Chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Seligman APV Travel Bursary, an incredibly competitive accolade presented by the Society of Chemical Industry from London, United Kingdom.

Junwei Zhang:

Published a study from Dr. Chi Chen's lab on the protein and lipid oxidation status of commercial soybean meals in the United States in the journal Antioxidants. Read paper

Junwei Zhang gave an oral presentation at the conference of ACS Fall 2023 held in San Francisco, CA,  Aug 13-17, 2023.

Radhika Bharathi:

Members of Annor lab group - Radhika Bharathi, Dana Edleman, Obed Aduama, and George Annor volunteered at the Forever Green booth for the MN State fair and talked to the crowd about product development with Kernza, the world's first ever perennial grain crop to be commercialized for food use

Radhika was a visiting scholar at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The aim of this international collaboration is to investigate the effect of steam explosion treatments on storage stability and compositional aspects of intermediate wheatgrass (IWG)