Spring Student Success Spotlight

June 12, 2021

Juyoung Kim is a graduate student in Dr. Moon-Suhn Ryu’s lab and was selected as a finalist in two major competitions at this year’s annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN): the Graduate Student Research Award Competition AND the Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science Abstract Recognition Award Program. Juyoung’s presentation is entitled “Zinc and the Zinc Transporter SLC39A10/ZIP10 Are Required for Heme Synthesis in Developing Erythroid Progenitors."

Tyler Tran was selected as a 2021 recipient of the UMN President’s Student Leadership and Service Award. Tyler is an exemplary undergraduate Food Science student, making such contributions as coordinating the FSCN student cookbook and presenting his work “Importance of Manoomin (Psiŋ, wild rice, Zizania palustris) to the Culture, Diet, and Health of the Anishinabeg” at the 2020 Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program Showcase.

Graduate student Guo Yue, a member of Dr. Chi Chen’s lab, gave an oral presentation for the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the American Chemical Society (ACS) 2021 Spring meeting. The title of her presentation was "Metabolic fates of intraruminal rutin in dairy cows".

Finally, the Wellness and Culture Club (formerly known as Student Ambassadors for Food, Health, and Culture) was recognized by UMN with a Tony Diggs Award for excellence in recreation and entertainment. In the past year, they hosted events including ‘FSCN Community Evening-In’, ‘Cook with Armelle! Food Demo with Armelle Dee’, and ‘The Future of Human Nutrition Research: European and American Perspectives’. The mission of WCC is to improve the student's experience and well-being on campus as it relates to food, health and culture by cultivating passion, differentiating skill-sets, and empowering individuals to make healthy choices.

Incredible work to all! And these aren’t the only things our students have been up to, stay tuned for more news coming soon about our students’ recent activities and recognitions!