6th Annual CNAN

March 31, 2024

It’s the last day of #NationalNutritionMonth so we’re going to do a little rewind to this past fall when the Healthy Foods Healthy Lives Institute hosted their 6th Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition. The event once again received widespread acclaim from those who attended and this year, featured a unique and exciting chef expo featuring indigenous culinary artists from across North America. Over 600 people attended CNAN 2023 in person with an additional 100 attending virtually.

The experience of this extraordinary conference can scarcely be captured in just a few words and so we shall instead share a range of materials and resources for you to view and learn more about CNAN below:

MPR attended the Chef Expo and interviewed some of the featured chefs

Video tour of the Chef Expo

Watch a number of the sessions and panels from the conference

Learn more about this and past CNAN events here