Advances in Cereal Crops

July 20, 2022

Cereal crops are a staple food for billions of people and are a vital agricultural product for Minnesota. That’s why Dr. George Annor and his team’s work is so important. Dr. Annor is the General Mills Endowed Professor in Cereal Chemistry and Technology and his work is integral in helping develop nutritious, quality foods from new and traditional cereal crops.

You may have heard of Kernza, the new perennial grain sweeping the Midwest as a highly sustainable crop option and a big player in the CFANS Forever Green Initiative. Check out the Annor Lab’s breaking new research on optimizing the extrusion processing of Kernza grain, one of the most important steps in making breakfast cereals and many other food products.

George also works with the Agricultural Utilization Research Initiative in their mission to foster long-term economic benefit for Minnesota through value-added agricultural products. Read about Dr. Annor’s contributions in evaluating digestibility issues in wheat crops