Graduate Seminar

FScN Spring 2021 Seminar: Tuesdays at 3:30, Zoom Link to Seminar

Coordinators: Moon-Suhn Ryu

Date Speaker(s) Title(s)
January 19 N/A  
January 26 N/A Orientation MTG with Student Speakers
February 2 Dr. Pedro Urriola (Animal Science) Precision Nutrition: the right nutrients to the right pig at the right time
February 9 Dr. Tonya Schoenfuss (Food Science) Opportunities to mine dairy ingredients for value-added products - the polylactose story
February 16 Dr. Thomas Bastian (Pediatrics) Iron Deficiency and Brain Development: Potential Targets for Intervention
February 23 Kathryn Lovy Farm to School Programming: Surveys from School Food Service Personnel Regarding Professional Development, Program Interest, and Participation
February 23 Maddie Powell The Breastfed vs Formula-Fed Infant Gut Microbiome
March 2 Loren Avalos Leaving a bitter taste: Are panelists waiting long enough during taste testing?
March 2 Sharon Chan Impact of fruit paste on fruit bar texture
March 9 Rebekah Schulz Carbohydrate quality: does it make a difference when it comes to our health and climate
March 9 Jacob Larson Exploring the Relationship between Fiber and the Microbiota
March 16 Dr. Sarah Cusick (Global Nutrition) Iron deficiency, infection, and neurodevelopment
March 23 Ben Millis Protein quality of oats and the impact of genetics and environmental conditions
March 23 Jess Dryke Environmental sustainability within the food system: A course design.
March 30 Paul DonLevy Effect of Different Dehydration Techniques on Chemical and Functional Properties of Brosimum alicastrum
March 30 Vaidehi Narkar Optimization of Camelina Protein Extraction and Screening of diverse lines for differences in protein profile, structure and functionality
April  6 Spring Break  
April  13 Tayler Floyd Lipocalin 2 Deficiency Diminishes the Metabolic Effect of the Ketogenic Diet in Female Mice
April  13 Eleanore Hansen Pursuing Phage: The Search Through "Number Two" For Our Number One Ally Against Salmonella
April  20 Yue Zhu Sugar Substitutes: Are They Good for Your Health?
April  20 Madeleine Salisbury Prefrontal Cortex-directed tDCS and Cognitive Training for Impulsivity in Obesity
April  27 Yara Benavides Paz (PhD student) Monitoring aroma profile during the manufacturing of pea protein isolates
May 4 Study Day – No Classes