Graduate Seminar

FScN Fall 2020 Seminar: Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30pm in Room 23 FScN

Coordinators: Dr. Joellen Feirtag and Dr. Xiaoli Chen

Date Speaker Title Degree Program Advisor Lab Tour Lab Tour Guide
1/21/2020 Rachel Stark Protein Quality and Effect on Growth and Organ Weight of Beretein™ MS Nutrition Dan Gallaher None None
1/28/2020 Dr. Abigail Johnson, Postdoctoral Associate, BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota They say, "you are what you eat," but is your gut? FScN Guest FScN Guest of program None None
2/4/2020 Breann Abernathy How the microbiome talks to the liver: mechanisms of disease prevention by polylactose PhD Nutrition Dan Gallaher Pam Ismail; Gary Reineccius Laura Eckhardt/Amy Mathiowetz; Vaidy Anantharamkrishnan
2/11/2020 Vaidhyanathan Anantharamkrishnan Protein and its covalent interaction with flavors PhD Food Science Gary Reineccius None None
2/18/2020 Staci Gallahue Customer Perceptions of Retail Dietitians BS/MS Nutrition Len Marquart George Annor; Chi Chen TBD; Qingqing Mao
2/25/2020 Michelle Bascom TBD BS/MS Nutrition Marla Reicks David Baumler/Steven Bowden; Moon-Suhn Ryu Justin Wiertzema/Grant Hedblom; Cole Guggisberg
3/3/2020 Katie Price Body composition assessment and protein requirements in clinical populations PhD Nutrition Carrie Earthman None None
3/10/2020 Spring break Spring break Spring break Spring break Spring break Spring break Spring break
3/17/2020 Chelsey Hinnenkamp The Way of the Wheys: A Structure - Function Approach to Coproduct Utilization PhD Food Science Joellen Feirtag None None
3/24/2020 Wes Mosher; Kimberly Fox A Comparative Lipidomic Analysis of Wild Rice versus White and Brown Rice; Pet Food Safety: An Industrial and Legislative Perspective MS Nutrition; Food Science Chi Chen; Joellen Feirtag None None
4/7/2020 Dr. Jun Liu, Associate Professor, Mayo Clinic Molecular mechanisms involved in fat storage and mobilization FScN Guest FScN Guest of program None None
4/14/2020 Madeline Emanuel; Lisa Chou Beef as a complementary food for infants - Is there a relationship with future childhood growth and development?; Development of a rapid method to predict process cheese emulsification and functionality MS Nutrition; Food Science Joanne Slavin; Tonya Schoenfuss None None
4/21/2020 Lucy Hansen  Optimizing Pea Protein Extraction Conditions and Relating Protein Structure to Function MS Food Science Pam Ismail Dan Gallaher; Zata Vickers Breann Abernathy/Allison Bailey; Loren Avalos
4/28/2020 Alissa Perteet-Jackson; Keagan Ringling Body Composition after Pediatric Liver Transplant; Field Pennycress: A systems approach to developing a new crop for food and feed use MS Nutrition Carrie Earthman Xiaoli Chen; Tonya S. Derrick [SURNAME]; Lisa Chou

Past seminar schedules can be found on the Graduate Seminar Archive.