Graduate Seminar

Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule

All seminars are held on Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 pm in FSCN Room 23 unless otherwise noted*

Coordinators: Dr. Marla Reicks (Nutrition),, 612-624-4735 and Dr. Gary Reineccius (Food
Science),, 612-624-1764.

September 12

Graduate Student Department Orientation

*September 17

Monday 11 AM FSCN Room 23
Nutrition & Cognition: exploring the potential of nutrition to influence cognitive function across the lifespan
Dr. Louise Dye
Professor and N8 Agrifood Programme Chair in Nutrition and Behaviour
University of Leeds, UK

September 26

Modeling the Effects of High Oleic Oil Replacement on Fatty Acid Intake in the Diet of US Adults
Susan Raatz, Ph.D., RD
Adjunct Professor, Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota

October 10

Science, Reason and Humanity: Transitioning into the Future
Dr. Len Marquart, Associate Professor
Food Science and Nutrition, UMN

October 17

*Room FSCN 15
Henderson Lecture
Dr. Patrick J. Stover
Texas A&M University, Vice Chancellor and Dean for Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M AgriLife

November 7

Analysis of Family Life, Activity, Sun, Health, and Eating (FLASHE) study data: Associations of evening meal types and family meal characteristics of adolescents
Francine Overcash, PhDPostdoctoral Research Associate in Nutrition working with Dr. Marla Reicks

November 14 

Weight Loss Practices and Nutrient Intakes in a National Sample of 8-15 year old Children by Frequency of Trying to Lose Weight (NHANES 2011-2012)
Taiya Brown, MS Nutrition Student
Adviser: Dr. Marla Reicks

November 21

The Influence of Alpha-Cyclodextrin on Lipid Absorption in Rats
Patrick Johnson, Nutrition MS Student
Adviser: Dr. Daniel Gallaher

December 12 

Learning by Doing: An Interdisciplinary Path
Timothy Griffin, Ph.D.
Professor of nutrition, agriculture, and sustainable food systems in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University

Dr. Griffin's primary research interests are the intersection of agriculture and the environment, and the development and implementation of sustainable production systems. His current research is focused on the environmental impacts of agriculture (nutrient flows, carbon retention and loss, and climate change), and impacts of policy on adoption of agricultural practices and systems. His past research responsibilities have included field and lab components addressing: crop management, alternative crop development, short- and long-term effects of cropping systems on potato yield and quality, management strategies to improve soil quality, manure nitrogen and phosphorus availability, soil carbon sequestration and cycling, emission of greenhouse gases from high-value production systems, and grain production for organic dairy systems. For more on Dr. Griffin, please visit:

He will discuss multidisciplinary training approaches for addressing complex challenges in the food system along with the specific skillsets required for multidisciplinary learning and the risks and rewards associated with these approaches in academia.

Past seminar schedules and recordings can be found on the Graduate Seminar Archive.