PPIC Annual Showcase

March 27-30th

Protein Basics Short Course

The Plant Protein Innovation Center is excited to announce our Protein Basics Short Course. We will have speakers from both industry and academia to discuss current and upcoming market trends, give an overview on food proteins, provide basic protein chemistry, cover production of protein ingredients, introduce protein modification for enhanced functionality, highlight challenges and opportunities when formulating with plant proteins, and more. The course will feature live demonstrations and experiences in the PPIC analytical laboratories, test kitchen, and the UMN Pilot Plant.

4th Annual Research Spotlight Meeting

We are thrilled to announce PPIC’s 4th Annual Research Spotlight Meeting on March 29-30, 2023. This year, the meeting will be held over a day and a half! The meeting will showcase research that is actively being conducted in the plant proteins space, including the projects funded by PPIC. The event features presentations from several researchers, internal and external to the PPIC researcher cohort. New this year, there will be two panel discussions from PPIC member industry representatives who will discuss challenges and opportunities for plant protein innovation. The first panel discussion on March 29th will focus on plant protein based food products, while the panel discussion on March 30th will be on plant protein ingredients. These panel discussions will be preceded by a presentation on current consumer trends by The Hartman Group. The event also includes an interactive poster session with the opportunity to speak with students and researchers directly. There will be a number of networking opportunities to connect with potential collaborators, customers, partners, and fellow plant protein aficionados.