Brasil: Exploring Nutrition Through Cuisine, Sustainability, and Culture

FSCN 3480 - 3 Credits


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Experience the beauty of Brazil through food and culture. This course will take students on a journey from São Paulo to Salvador to connect all aspects of food production and consumption to Brazilian culture. In São Paulo, you will get a taste of the melting pot culture of Brazil through local farmer's markets, and discover the importance of coffee in the Brazilian diet and daily life. You will visit the farmlands of the region and experience the agricultural practices, fish growing, and cattle farming. Continuing to Rio de Janeiro, students will examine how Portuguese culture and festivals, like Carnival, influence the food practices of the region. brazil_chapadaThe final segment brings students to Salvador for a glimpse into how geography and location impact food production. Students will also uncover the impact of slavery and cultural beliefs on food practices. The program will conclude with a reflective hike through the middle of Chapada Diamantina.

For complete information, see the tentative syllabus (PDF).

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Please submit a 1-page essay describing your motivation for choosing this course, your goals, and your expectations. Address questions such as: "Why did you choose this course? What do you want to get out of this experience? What are your goals? What do you expect from this course?"

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Program Leader

Andrea Arikawa is an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor for the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. She currently teaches Principles of Nutrition and is involved in research projects about diet, energy balance, and the gut microflora. She is a native of São Paulo and is passionate about offering students a unique opportunity to experience how cuisine and culture shape the dietary practices of different regions of Brazil.