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study abroad students in GermanyStudying abroad can be an enriching experience for students during their collegiate careers. Students can gain many valuable life skills, including communicating and working across cultures while seeing the disciplines of food science and nutrition from an international perspective. The relationships and experiences gained during an international trip can also help prepare students to work in a global economy, gain valuable life experience, grow as a person and prepare to meet global challenges through the people they meet.

With over 220 programs in 60 countries, the University of Minnesota offers a wealth of opportunities for all students. There are also programs led by the faculty from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. No matter your major, we are here to help you find the right opportunity. If you are interested in learning more, contact Sara Cannon in FSCN room 225 or email

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* Attend a First Step Session sponsored by the Learning Abroad Center
* Schedule a meeting with your adviser to learn how studying abroad best fits in your academic program

FSCN Undergraduate Global Learning Scholarship 

The FSCN Undergraduate Global Learning Scholarship is designed to cover partial costs for students in the department and their international experiences. Applications are accepted year-round, but must be received at least three months prior to your international experience so the scholarship committee has time to review your application. Applicants must be full-time students majoring in nutrition or food science, and must have been registered in either major for at least two semesters prior to the start of their international experience. 
For consideration, complete the Global Learning Scholarship Application at least three months prior to your international experience and return it to or Sara Cannon ( for consideration.

Additional Scholarships

CFANS International Learning Grant 
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