Nutrition Studies

The Nutrition Studies track is for students who have a strong interest in nutrition but do not want to become a Registered Dietitian (DPD track) or do not want to take the additional science requirements for the Nutritional Science track. Students who choose to follow this track will have more flexibility in coursework choices. This track does not meet all of the academic requirements to become a Registered Dietitian.

Please see the University Catalog for degree requirements and the Nutrition Studies track requirements. 

This track offers 24-30 completely free elective credits. While students can choose any classes to fulfill these 24-30 credits, it would be wise to choose courses that would be helpful for future job opportunities. Additionally, these credits can be applied to an undergraduate minor. Available minors and their curriculum can be found on the University Catalog. Students should work closely with their adviser to discuss future career goals in order to determine what classes to elect for the coursework plan. For more explanation about these career options and other career paths for Nutrition graduates, please see the Jobs and Opportunities page.

The types of professional programs that this track can be used to prepare for include health sciences such as medical, dental, pharmacy and Physician Assistant programs. This track can also be used to prepare for a career in laboratory research. However, note that professional school entrance requirements may vary considerably from the courses in the Nutritional Science Track. Some schools require science courses like anatomy, genetics, lab medicine and pathology etc, while other schools want coursework heavy in psychology. It is important to research the requirements of post-baccalaureate programs and work with your adviser to fit these courses into your curriculum.