Nutritional Science

The Nutritional Science track is for students planning to pursue a professional program (ie. medical school, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.) or graduate school. See a Sample Plan here. 

The Nutritional Science option is for students planning to go from the baccalaureate program into professional programs such as medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, etc. or to graduate school in nutrition or a related field. It covers in-depth studies of the advanced math and science courses required for various professional programs and their corresponding entrance exams (such as the MCAT or GRE). Students in this option should begin early exploration of admission requirements for the post-baccalaureate programs in which they are interested to determine specific admission requirements, which may need to be met. In general, a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is recommended for admission. This track does not meet all of the academic requirements to become a Registered Dietitian.

In addition to meeting with your advisor, please use the degree requirements in the University Catalog to plan your degree.

Nutritional Science students who decide not to go onto a professional program or graduate school would be eligible for many of the same job opportunities mentioned on the Nutrition Studies page or on the Jobs and Opportunities page. In addition, Nutritional Science students would be eligible to work in research laboratories, food and nutrition industries, or experimental stations. You should work closely with your advisor when deciding on your coursework plan.