Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice

These are files containing standardized information about supervised practice experience programs required as part of the process to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Please note that information is provided for both undergraduate coordinated programs and post-graduate internship programs; students in the University of Minnesota Didactic Program for Dietetics are not eligible for the undergraduate coordinated programs. Information is organized by state where the program is located.

Every attempt has been made to collect and report the most current and accurate program information available at the time the guide was compiled. However, changes in costs and supervised practice experiences may occur due to institution policy, cost of living increases, as well as needs of the program and supervised practice sites.

This guide may not contain information for all programs. Also, always check the program websites for the most current and up to date information.


Many of the tuition costs are for the previous school year; please refer to the institution website for most current costs.

Housing, meals, transportation, and insurance

These costs are estimates. The values will vary significantly depending upon personal choice and changes in the cost of living.

Health Insurance

Many institutions have student health insurance available; these costs are also subject to change on a frequent basis.
Cost is impossible to estimate for students still carried on family health insurance policies.

Supervised Practice Sites and Experiences

Sites and experiences detailed in the guide are not guaranteed. The capacity of a site to accommodate interns may change for a variety of reasons and new sites may be recruited resulting in some variation in sites and experiences.
It is common for internships to use a variety of sites due to limits on how many interns a single site can accommodate. Interns are provided a similar experience but not necessarily at the same site.
Intern choice rotations are subject to availability of chosen practice area.

If you are University of Minnesota Nutrition/DPD student or graduate and would like to receive access to these files, please send an email to