FAQs about Applying to a Dietetic Internship

All of these questions and more will be answered in detail in FSCN 4667, which is a required DPD course.

NOTE: The vast majority of Dietetic Internships participate in an online application system (called Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System – DICAS). However, you should read the website for each DI carefully to determine how you should apply to each program. DICAS has unique procedures for each step of the application process. Please contact dpd@umn.edu with any questions.

Where can I see a list of DI’s?

Note: Always check the program’s website for the most up to date information.

Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice includes files containing standardized information about supervised practice experience programs. Every attempt was made to collect and report the most current and accurate program information available at the time the guide was compiled.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website lists all accredited programs by type of program and organized by states. Program websites are available on this resource.

All Access Internships has been developed by previous dietetics students to help other students with the internship application process. This is an independent site but it may be a good way of collecting more information about the programs you are interested in. However, please use this only as a secondary resource as we cannot verify its accuracy. (You need to make sure to always check the Academy’s or the internships site for the most current and accurate information, especially regarding deadlines.)

Is there a way I can get help with my application?

Yes! You should take FSCN 4667 Senior Seminar for the DPD (offered in the Fall semester) within 2-3 semesters of graduation. This course focuses primarily on preparing an application for a Dietetic Internship. If you have any questions about whether or not you need to take this course and/or when you should take it, please see your advisor or contact Corrie at dpd@umn.edu.

When are applications due?

Application due dates and corresponding notification dates are listed on the following Academy website under “Timelines."

The majority of internships participate in the Spring match (mid-February application due date). There are a few that participate in a Fall match (late September application due date). See the link above for the specific dates.

Is there a general application and recommendation form that should be used? Where can I find them?

Since most internships will use DICAS, there are no additional forms that need to be used. The application and recommendation letters are all done through DICAS. If your recommenders want to see what information they will input on the DICAS recommendation section, you can show them this form (.doc). Note: this is only for their information and is NOT a form to be submitted!!
If an internship is requesting a paper application, their website should include the forms they want you to use.

How many internships can I apply to?

You can apply to as many internships as you would like. Just remember that most have application fees in addition to the DICAS fees ($45 for the first application and $20 for each additional). Also, do NOT apply to an internship unless you are absolutely willing to accept it if you are matched.

What are the costs associated with a DI? Is there financial aid available?

Each internship has different costs associated with it. A complete listing of internships and their approximate costs can be found on the Academy’s website.

Whether or not financial aid is available depends on the internship you are enrolled in; many internships do not supply financial aid. There is the possibility that existing student loans may be deferred during your internship. Some internships do not have a fee and/or provide a stipend, however these internships are the most competitive. Make sure to carefully read the websites for each internship that you are applying to regarding costs and tuition. Contact the DI Directors if you would like more information or would like to know how other interns have financed their internship. You should only apply to internships that you know you will for sure be able to finance.

How do I order an official transcript from the University of Minnesota? Should I have it sent directly to the DI Director?

You can order your official transcript from One Stop.
For applying on DICAS, you should have the University of Minnesota send an official copy directly to DICAS. The address is:

DICAS Online
PO BOX 9118
Watertown, MA 02471

Do I need official transcripts from the other institutions where I took classes?

If you took classes at other institutions that met your degree and/or DPD requirements, you should order these official transcripts and have sent to DICAS as stated above. Transfer courses are not always specifically listed on the official transcript from the U of MN but might only list the number of credits. DI Directors will want to see the grades you received for all degree and DPD courses. You will also need the grades for these courses for the DICAS application or when calculating GPA’s.

What are the DPD requirements for the University of Minnesota?

You will receive a current list of DPD courses while in FScN 4667 – Senior Seminar for the DPD (or FSCN 4664). Or, you can contact dpd@umn.edu for the most current list, especially if you are an alum because the course requirements have changed over the last several years.

Calculating GPA questions

FYI: when using DICAS, you do not need to calculate GPA yourself. You will enter in the courses and grades and the system will calculate the DPD GPA, which is also broken into DPD Science GPA and DPD Professional GPA.

When calculating DPD GPA’s, you will only use DPD courses (not all courses required of the Nutrition major). To help you determine your competitiveness for an internship, you should calculate an overall GPA (includes ALL courses you have taken at all colleges), DPD GPA (includes all the DPD courses), a DPD Science GPA and a DPD Professional GPA (as categorized on the list provided in FSCN 4667 or by request (dpd@umn.edu). You can use this website to help you with the calculations: http://www.back2college.com/gpa.htm

If I repeated a course, do I need to count the first grade?

No, you would only include the second grade when calculating GPA.

Do I include courses taken at other institutions?

Yes, any course that met DPD requirements would be listed no matter where you took it.

I substituted a course for a degree/DPD requirement through the CFANS petition process. How do I list it on the application?

You would list a substituted course on DICAS along with all other courses because it is a course that met DPD requirements. DI Directors are used to seeing course substitutions and most likely won’t think much of it.

I received AP credit for a course(s) that met DPD requirements. How do I list that on the application?

On DICAS, you will enter this in and then check that it was AP credit.

I have to choose a Verification Statement (VS) or a Declaration of Intent to Complete form (DOI), what is the difference and which do I include?

A DOI lists the courses that you still need to complete in order to meet program and degree requirements and what degree you will have upon graduation.

A VS is a form that verifies that you have met all requirements for an Academy-accredited DPD program.

For DICAS, you will enter the DPD Directors information (Carrie Earthman at dpd@umn.edu) and an email request for a DOI or a VS (whichever is appropriate) will be sent by DICAS. If you need paper copies, you need to make a request to dpd@umn.edu for a DOI after you have registered for your final semester of classes. Hard copies of Verification Statements are automatically generated after degrees have been cleared by the College and will be mailed to you.

What format should I use for the personal statement?

Generally, you should write a formal essay following the questions provided on DICAS and/or on the program website. However, check the information for each internship to make sure you follow their specific instructions.

Where can I get help with my personal statement?

You can get help at the Career and Internship Services. Sara Newberg has helped many dietetics students in the past. This will also be an assignment in FSCN 4667 where you will receive feedback from the course instructors.

Do I need to take the GRE?

That all depends on where you are applying. Some DI’s require it and some do not. If you do not match to an internship in the first round, you may be eligible for more of the internships that have openings in the second round if you have taken the GRE. More information on how to register for the GRE can be found here.

What is the second round and how does it work?

Three days after match day, DI programs that did not fill all of their internship spots can choose to post their name on D&D Digital. As soon as you can get the list, start researching the sites to determine how you should apply and what the deadline is. Your DICAS application will be available for the second round.

How can I prepare for an interview, either in person or on the phone?

You can get advice and practice with interviewing at the Career and Internship Services.

How and where can I explain a period of bad grades?

In your application personal statement, you can include a brief explanation about what happened in your life (death in family, financial crisis, hospitalization, etc.) that affected your grades during a specific period of time. The course instructors in FSCN 4667 will help you draft this explanation.