Graduation and Program Completion Requirements

Graduation for current Nutrition undergraduate students:

The University Catalog provides graduation and program completion requirements for the Nutrition major and DPD sub-plan. You can find that information here.

Check out this page for all the information you need to prepare for graduation.

DPD Verification Statements will be mailed to you after your Nutrition degree has been conferred by the registrar.

Program Completion and Verification Statements:

DPD students are awarded a Verification Statement after they have completed the DPD coursework and met the core knowledge requirements. You will need a Verification Statement in order to enter a Dietetic Internship and/or for other licensure procedures. The signed Verification Statement indicates that a student has completed the requirements of an accredited DPD.

Students are expected to complete the DPD within three years of acceptance to the DPD sub-plan, with a maximum allowed completion of five years after DPD acceptance. If a student is unable to complete the DPD in this timeframe, the DPD Director will work with the student regarding potential program completion implications.  

In addition to successful completion of the DPD courses, students are required to fulfill target measures for specific activities to prove that the core knowledge requirements for a DPD have been met. All DPD students are to score 70% or greater on these assignments/projects:

  • Education Lesson Plan (final) in FSCN 3614- Nutrition Education and Counseling
  • Final Counseling Project in FSCN 3614-Nutrition Education and Counseling
  • Food and Culture Paper in FSCN 3615-Sociocultural Aspects of Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Problem Resolution & Opportunities Assignment in FSCN 3731-Food Service Operations Management Lab
  • Written Procedure Assignment in FSCN 3731-Food Service Operations Management Lab
  • Human Resource Management take-home quiz in FSCN 4732-Food and Nutrition Management
  • Food Safety assignment in FSCN 3732-Food Service Operations Management Lecture
  • Legislative Assignment in FSCN 4614W-Community Nutrition
  • Final Grant Proposal in FSCN 4614W-Community Nutrition
  • Clinical Case #3 in FSCN 4665-MNT I
  • Clinical Case #3 in FSCN 4666-MNT II
  • Nutrigenomics module quiz in FSCN 4666-MNT II
  • Billing and Reimbursement worksheet in FSCN 4667-Senior Seminar for the DPD
  • Pass the FIPCC component in FSCN 4667-Senior Seminar for the DPD
  • Health Care Delivery article worksheet in FSCN 4667-Senior Seminar for the DPD
  • Informational Interviewing Assignments (Parts 1 & 2 combined) in FSCN 4732-Food and Nutrition Management
  • Management Principles take-home quiz in FSCN 4732-Food and Nutrition Management
  • Financial Management case study in FSCN 4732-Food and Nutrition Management

Before the end of each semester, an Informational Survey will be sent to students planning to graduate or finish the DPD that semester to collect information needed to issue a Verification Statement. This information will include scores for the activities listed above. Please remember when completing this survey that you are subject to the UMN Student Conduct Code and the AND Code of Ethics and we will confirm the grades with the course instructor. Intentionally providing false information may result in not receiving a Verification Statement.

If you did not meet the target measure for an assignment, the course instructor will give you a short time to re-do the assignment for regrading (this will be explained on course syllabi and will be enforced throughout your time in the program, not just before graduation). After regrading, if you still have not met the target measure, the DPD leadership team will provide remediation measures to ensure you have the required core knowledge. In addition, if you took an equivalent course at another institution, the Assistant DPD Director will work with you to make sure you have met the core knowledge requirements via alternative assignments or projects.

Additional information for non-degree students and graduate students completing the DPD:

Once you complete all required DPD courses as indicated on your transcript evaluation and met the target measures as outlined above, you have completed the DPD and will receive a Verification Statement. You will receive communications about this after you complete the DPD coursework.

Please email with any question about graduation and/or program completion.