Liberal Education Requirements in the Nutrition Major

Lib eds met by courses required in the Nutrition major vary slightly by sub-plan. 

Core RequirementCourse in Program

Mathematical Thinking (Mth)

MATH 1031 (or higher)

Biological Science (w/Lab) (Bio)

Biol 1009

Physical Science (w/Lab) (Phy)

CHEM 1061 / CHEM 1065 / CHEM1062 / CHEM 1066/PHYS 1201W

Historical Perspective (HP)


Social Science (SocS)

FScN 4614

Literature (Lit)


Arts/Other Humanities (AH)




Theme Requirement (minimum of 4 courses)Course in Program

Diversity & Social Justice in the US (DSJ)

FScN 4614

Global Perspectives (GP)

Elective or FScN 3615 (only required in DPD sub-plan)

The Environment (Env)


Civic Life & Ethics (Civ)

FScN 1102

Technology & Society (TS)




Writing Course in Program

Freshman Composition

WRIT 1301 or WRIT 1401

Writing Intensive Upper Level (WI)

WRIT 3562W (counts for two WI)

Writing Intensive Upper Level (WI)

Writing Intensive Any Level (WI)

FScN 4621W

Writing Intensive Any Level (WI)

Elective or PHYS 1201W/1202W (only required in Nutritional Science sub-plan)