Advising & Student Services

Academic Advisers

All students in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition will have a professional adviser and a faculty mentor. Students will meet at least once with their adviser and once with their faculty mentor each academic year.

Professional advisers can be found in the CFANS Advising Center in room 130 Coffey Hall, and are available by both appointment and drop-in advising. Learn more or schedule an appointment.

Students will receive information about their faculty mentor and how to meet with them after declaring a major. 

Meet our advising team

Pam Ismail

Major Coordinator

Food Science Faculty

Major coordinator for the Food Science Undergraduate Program

Faculty adviser for some food science students


Dave Smith

Major Coordinator

Food Science Faculty

Major coordinator for the Nutrition Undergraduate Program

Faculty adviser for nutrition students

Faculty adviser for a limited number of food science students

Therese Liffrig

Coordinator for Faculty Mentoring for Nutrition Students

Faculty mentor for nutrition students


Student Services

Sara Cannon

Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator

General Student Services

  • Registration Assistance

  • Permission numbers for FSCN and NUTR classes

  • Directed/independent study forms and permission numbers

Undergraduate Student Services

  • Scholarships

  • Study Abroad Resources

  • Communications with Undergraduate Students

Note: Does not advise students