Funds Supporting Undergraduate Scholarships

Giving opportunities are available for the following undergraduate funds within our department. Please look through the list of existing scholarships and note any that are of interest to you. Write down the fund number and name for later use on the University of Minnesota Foundation's secure Giving site.

Gifts in any amount are truly appreciated and tax deductible!

Nutrition Undergraduate Scholarships

Fund # Name


Harriet Greenberg Endowment

Provides a scholarship to Food Science and Nutrition undergraduate students; preference will be given to an entering freshman of high need as well as high ability.


Mary Hart Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarship funds for undergraduate study to nutrition students with business focus.


Jane M Leichsenring Fund

Provides assistance for graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the scientific aspects of home economics, particularly in the fields of nutrition and dietetics.


Marian Fawcett Moose Scholarship

Provides funds for scholarships and books to capable, worthy undergraduate students who show professional promise and an interest in the fields of nutrition and dietetics; the program should combine course work and supervised practice experience.


Louise Mullan Scholarship in Nutrition

Provides scholarships to full-time undergraduate students in CFANS who demonstrate a personal commitment to professionally serve the needs of under-served populations; preference will be given to students with a demonstrated need; the recipient shall have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.

Food Science Undergraduate Scholarships

Fund # Name


CFANS Alumni Society Food Scholarship

Provides scholarship funds to full-time juniors or seniors enrolled in food-related majors; students must have GPA of 3.0 or greater and have involvement in the College, University or the community through service, leadership or advocacy.


Professor Eugenia A Davis Memorial Scholarship

Supports students studying in Food Science and Nutrition; initially funds will be awarded to undergraduates.


Food Science Scholar Fund (General Mills)

Provides a renewable annual scholarship up to $5000 to qualifying students in Food Science and Nutrition who wish to pursue careers in food science.


William Hobbs Memorial

Provides scholarships for undergraduates in food science.


Clifford M Kohler Scholarship

Provides undergraduate scholarships for US students with preference for incoming students who wish to study food science and nutrition, in particular dairy science.


North Central Cheese Industries Association Scholarship


Triticus Scholarship Fund

Supports youth who would not be able to enroll in CFANS without financial aid; any student studying food science (general food science or food technology regardless of emphasis) may receive the award.

Funds Supporting Both Nutrition and Food Science Undergraduate Scholarships

Fund # Name


Elizabeth & John Vincent Bailey Scholar

Supports undergraduate students studying food science and nutrition.


Coulter Scholarship

Supports undergraduate students studying food science and nutrition.


Marylee Duehring Scholarship

Supports undergraduate students studying food science and nutrition.


Fibiger Award for Undergraduate Research

Provides a professional experience or undergraduate research fellowship to enhance the undergraduate experience in CFANS for students enrolled in Food Science and Nutrition / International.


Human Ecology Alumni Society Scholarship Fund

Provides support to upper division students pursuing undergraduate degrees in the Dept of Food Science and Nutrition.


Elvira Larson Fund

Provides for loans or scholarships and loans up to a limit of $300 for needy and worthy students in domestic science (interpreted to mean home economics).


CFANS Legacy Scholarship Fund

A four-year undergraduate award for students in the University Honors Program.


Thomas C Sando Scholarship

Supports new, full-time undergraduate students in CFANS. Emphasis to be placed on character, motivation, and potential for academic achievement; a student may be awarded a scholarship each year that he/she continues satisfactory progress toward a BS.


Thomas/Storvick Scholarship

Support for students studying food science or nutrition.


Elizabeth & Edgard Ukkelberg Scholarship Fund

Supports Food Science and Nutrition students who are children of John Deere employees or any of its US dealers.


Ruth Arnesen Zalar Scholarship Fund

Provides for an annual scholarship (minimum of $1000) to a student enrolled in Food Science and Nutrition.

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