Theodore Labuza Food Materials Science Chair

Dr. Theodore Labuza is an internationally respected, highly awarded expert on the kinetics of reactions related to loss in food quality, nutrient degradation and pathogen grown and death kinetics.

After nearly four decades at the University of Minnesota, his research completed here is vast. And just as importantly, his legacy as a passionate instructor has left a lasting impact on the students that pass through FSCN. 

To honor his passion for food science and growing the minds of future scientists, now is your opportunity to give to the Theodore Labuza Food Materials Science Chair. This endowed faculty position will support continued cross-disciplinary excellence in education, research and outreach to the media and community. 

Learn more about the chair position and consider honoring his legacy today. 

Honoring a pioneer, continuing a legacy

Dr. Labuza's discoveries have advanced science and prepared food scientists around the world to meet the grand challenges related to food safety and security. Here are just a few examples of his work:

  • Pioneering work in the fundamental concept of water activity and how it influences chemical reactions and microbial growth in foods.
  • Related work on the kinetics of food reactions that provided the basic knowledge and tools to predict the effect of food formulation on product shelf life, minimizing product loss and contributing to food security.
  • Cross-disciplinary research into the relationship of reaction kinetics to the growth and death of microorganisms, linking the fields of physical chemistry and microbiology. 
  • Work on packaging and its effect on product shelf life, which transformed our understanding of moisture permeation and its effect on texture, oxygen permeation and lipid oxidation and led to the creation of new packaging and labeling system.

We invite you to help honor and preserve Dr. Labuza's commitment to excellence, advancing field-shaping research and teaching for generations to come by contributing to the Theodore Labuza Chair in Food Materials Science today. 

This position will create a lasting tribute to one of the University's most renowned and beloved faculty members and provide a permanent base of support for international leadership. It will allow the University to attract and retain a world-class scientist to carry on the Labuza Legacy. 

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