Qingqing Mao

Hometown: Changzhou, China

Degree pursuing: MS in Nutrition

Adviser: Dr. Chi Chen

What is your research focus?

Impact of intense pulsed light disinfection on quality of non-fat milk powder

How did you become interested in nutrition?

I've always been interested in food and health. Nutrition is the science that bridges food and health. 

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota?

I completed my BS degree at U of M. I've known Dr. Chen and his research since the senior year, and therefore decided to study under him for an advanced degree. 

How does your research tie into the research being done in your adviser's lab?

The research project I am involved in relies on an LC-MS based chemometric analysis platform. Dr. Chen's research heavily involves this particular platform and involves metabolomic research on biological specimens. 

Future plans

I will be starting the dietetic internship later this year and will hopefully complete my MS and be certified as a Registered Dietitian next year.