Students Place 3rd in OceanSpray Product Development Competition

August 31, 2020

You can always be sure our students are on the frontiers of food innovation. A group of our fantastic students placed 3rd in Ocean Spray Cranberries’ 2020 Student Product Development Competition. Their submission, “Cran-Z Chips and Salsa”, are an innovative take on the classic appetizer. Made with a variety of cranberry by-products, this shelf-stable, ready-to-eat, vegan snack is a great option for anyone! The objective of this year’s competition was to develop a new food or beverage product that appeals to Gen Z consumers by minimizing sugar and practicing upcycling to advance sustainable manufacturing. The chips substituted cranberry juice for water and contain added cranberry fines, a byproduct of OceanSpray products. Paired with the chips is a cranberry salsa containing sweetened dried cranberries, also a byproduct of OceanSpray foods. Congratulations to the amazing team members: Timothea Muljadi, Ghazal Monsefi, Kia Kivi, Prince Boakye and Akua Okyere for all their hard work and dedication towards developing this healthy snack bursting with unique flavors. They would also like to thank professor Tonya Schoenfuss for being a wonderful faculty advisor.

Watch Their Product Video Here