Professor Chi Chen received the infrastructure investment grant for necessary equiment in his collaborative metabolomics research.

Department Head Kumar Mallikarjunan was the recipient of the IFT Food Engineering Division Outstanding Service Award.

Lauren Wisdorf, a food science master's student with Zata Vickers, is the recipient of the IFT Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division M.S. Scholarship. 

Products made in the department and sold at the store featured in print and on TV.

Dr. Theodore Labuza's 2014 paper won the Tanner Award for being the most-cited paper published in the Journal of Food Science Toxicology and Chemical Food Safety section. 

Corrie Marion, Assistant Director for the Didactic Program in Dietetics, was selected as the 2017 CFANS Distinguished Academic Staff Award recipient.

Professor David Baumler recently received the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) Outstanding Advising and Mentoring Award.

Francine Overcash is the recipient of a CFANS Diversity Scholars Postdoctoral Fellow award. 

Postdoctoral fellow Zheting Bi and graduate student Lei Wang took home top spots in the ASN Emerging Leaders Poster Competition.

Several members of the FSCN community were recently inducted into the Borealis Circle, presented by the CFANS Alumni Society Board of Directors.


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