Antonio is a new Post Doc working with Prof. Francisco Diez.

Join us on November 14th at 2pm in room 105 Cargill Building for this year's PDF iconHenderson LectureDr. Roderick H. Dashwood, Prof. and Director, John S. Dunn Endowed Chair, Center for Epigenetics & Disease Prevention, Houston, TX, will present on: "Epigenetics, Diet and Cancer Prevention." 

Our undergraduate team members (Bria Abeles-Allison, Claire Burrington, and Zen Zi Wong ) took 1st place in Milk out of 12 teams! A 1st place win has not occurred at nationals for the U of MN since Dave Smith coached the team in 1994.

Baraem (Pam) Ismail is an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, and has recently recieved various awards and grants for her outstanding teaching and research initiatives. Congratulations, Pam!

Department of Food Science and Nutrition professor and former CFANS dean Allen Levine has been elected vice president of the Obesity Society.

"It's about saving lives and dollars. It's about ensuring our children and our children's children have reliable access to healthy, safe and affordable food to improve their lives, while at the same time strengthening our food and farm economy to improve bottom line," said Mindy Kurzer, Minnesota Food Charter Steering Committee chair and director of the University of Minnesota Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute. "The fact is, there's a real, substantial cost to society when healthy, safe food isn't available to everyone-and we owe it to future generations to start making changes now." 

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Rianna Butler is a new Senior Lab Technician working with Prof. Devin Peterson. Her office is in 120 FScN. 

Dr. Nicole Soranzo of the University of Cambridge will be holding a seminar focusing on the understanding of how human sequence variation impacts phenotypic variation in healthy subjects, and how this variation impacts the understanding of cardiovascular disease etiology. More information can be found here.


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