June 15, 2017

lauren wisdorf headshotRelease courtesy of IFT

Lauren Wisdorf, a second-year food science M.S. student, is the recipient of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division M.S. Scholarship. Lauren is specializing in sensory science under the guidance of Professor Zata Vickers. She also completed her B.S. in Food Science in 2015 from the department. 

Her current master's research focuses on dietary variety and food choice of free-living, food-secure individuals. During her undergraduate career, she held research positions in sensory science, food microbiology and nutrition-based neuroscience, where she completed an undergraduate research project and honors thesis. 

Throughout graduate school she has taken part in many experiences, not limited to her involvement in the Minnesota brewing scene as a Quality Assurance Intern at Summit Brewing Company and her participation in the 2017 IFTSA North Central Regional Meeting Planning Committee.