May 2, 2018

RCA group photo of team members and coaches in chef gearStudents Carmen Owen-Block (team leader), Sophie Held, Ellie Lu, and Daniel Vlodaver recently took home a bronze medal at the Research Chefs Association (RCA) National Student Savory Culinology ® Competition. The group is advised by Professor Tonya Schoenfuss.

The competition is part of the RCA Annual Conference, with six teams selected to compete in the finals.

This year, the goal of the competition was to prepare a savory entree that could be sold in a Mom and Pop restaurant in Georgia and could also be frozen and sold in the freezer section of a grocery store. Finalists created a fresh product version (gold standard) at the event, which was then judged against how well a commercialized version of the item (previously made and shipped to the competition site) matched up against the gold standard.

The group created a dish called ‘Georgia Style Pork and Grits’: A bed of smoked paprika grits with bacon collard greens on top and peach barbecue pulled pork.

Photos from the event are available on the RCA website.

Thanks to sponsors Karsburger, Grain Millers and Dakota Growers Pasta Company for your generous support.

RCA grits and pork dish 

RCA team members in front of RCA backdrop