September 14, 2016

Baumler and his chili peppersWho knew Minnesota could be so hot?

Professor David Baumler and his lab cared for over 500 different pepper plants this summer, and they are now ripe for the picking. 

Why 500 plants? A simple answer but a bit of a challenge. 

"We wanted to celebrate our 21 faculty members and their combined 500 yers of service," Baumler said. "I used my networks from around the globe to come up with the variety and am pleased with how it all turned out."

While his plants have added color around the building, the purpose goes beyond just growing 500 different plants. Part of Dr. Baumler's research focus centers around the antimicrobial properties of peppers. 

"My lab is working on not only characterizing flavor profiles and nutrition content, but also the evolution of chili peppers for use in the food industry and in many fermented items such as cheese, meats and beverages."

Stop by the FSCN building to check out all of the varieties and colors. From sweet to spicy, ornamental to drying, you are sure to find something you will like! And yes, all the peppers are available for the public to pick and enjoy in their homes.

Can't make it to see it in person? Check out our lab of just a few of the plants around the building: