Corrie Marion, Award Recipient
May 12, 2017

Corrie Marion, Assistant Director for the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), was selected as the 2017 CFANS Distinguished Academic Staff (P&A) Award.

Corrie, who joined the department in 2008, has continually exceeded the expectations of her position during her career.  She has been an exceptional contributor not only to the DPD, but also to the broader nutrition undergraduate program and FScN community at large.  Her adaptability to new and ever-changing situations and her ability to innovate and solve problems efficiently have been key to making the DPD a success. Corrie’s best strengths include her people skills, organizational skills and her proactive and positive approach.  She always open to others, and is willing to and capable of jumping in to contribute in whatever ways she can.  She has a great capacity to communicate with others, from faculty to students; she puts people at ease and this facilitates productive discourse.  

Always up for a challenge, Corrie continually looks for ways to better support our students and to improve the DPD; she also works hard to improve the department as a whole. Her drive and propensity to take initiative beyond her job description helped her to stand out from other nominees in the category. Some initiatives include designing electronic program evaluation surveys, designing a new course for seniors applying to dietetic internships, streamlining the DPD application process, and working with department representatives on a new 4+1 BS/MS integrated nutrition program.

“Corrie has continued to excel and grow in her position, and her energy and commitment to the students and the program has not flagged in the slightest over the time since she first came to the department.  She has had an enormously positive impact in the department,” said Professor and DPD Director, Carrie Earthman, who works directly with Corrie.

Corrie was honored in a ceremony on May 9, receiving a certificate in addition to an honorarium for professional development.