October 4, 2016


William Lendway and fellow chefs on whole grains panel

From left to right: Chef Coleen Donnelly, Chef Brendan Walsh, Chef William Lendway and Chef Todd Seyfarth

Graduate Student William Lendway was a featured panelist discussing educating the new generation of whole grain chefs at the Whole Grains in Foodservice conference in Chicago.

Lendway, also with Chef Brendan Walsh (Dean of Culinary Arts, Culinary Institute of America) and Chef Todd Seyfarth (Program Director/Culinary Nutrition, Johnson & Wales University) led a panel discussion discussing how they are preparing the next generation of chefs to cook with whole grains, and why whole grains are an integral part of the plate moving forward. He also discussed whole grain research currently taking place with chefs at the University of Minnesota. 

Lendway is a doctoral student, and his research focuses on the creative processes used by chefs and how to use those frameworks to educate food scientists, dietitians and chefs in the future.