October 28, 2016

dairy judging teamThe Dairy Product Judging Team recently competed at the regional Collegiate Dairy Product Evaluation Contest held at Kraft Foods in Glenview, Illinois. 

Three undergraduate and two graduate students competed under the tutelage of Professor Tonya Schoenfuss. 

The undergraduate team consisting of Billy Kalil, Carmen Owen-Bock and Emily Petterson had a strong showing, finishing second in butter, third in ice cream and fifth overall. Individually, Emily claimed first place in the ice cream competition, while Carmen placed second in butter. 

Competing graduate students Madeline Brandt and Alexandra Kuechel also did well. Madeline won butter, was second in both milk and cheddar cheese and was third in ice cream, leading her to finish in a tie for first place overall. However, she ended up finishing in second place as the result of a tiebreaker. Alexandra placed first in cottage cheese, second in ice cream and third in cheddar cheese to finish third overall. 

Nationals will take place in April 2017.

emily petterson