August 28, 2017

Department of Food Science and Nutrition graduate students Drew Carter and Chelsey Hinnenkamp were recently announced as recipients of the John Brandt scholarship from Land O’Lakes.

The John Brandt Memorial Foundation scholarship program supports graduate students pursuing work in dairy animal, food science or agribusiness at one of four eligible institutions: Iowa State University, South Dakota State University, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities and University of Wisconsin–Madison. The scholarships started in 1952 and are awarded each year in memory of John Brandt, an industry organizer who founded and remained president of Land O'Lakes from 1921 until his death in 1953.

Drew is studying the microbiome present in the Midwestern raw milk supply by identifying and evaluating the wide range of microbes present in milk over the course of a year. He is also studying the spoilage and flavor impacts of bacteria that survive pasteurization and grow at refrigeration temperatures which shortens the shelf life of milk.

Chelsey’s current doctoral research is focused on utilizing low protein dairy ingredients to develop a clean label emulsion and encapsulation system for Omega-3 rich nutritional lipids. Targeted enzymatic hydrolysis and microstructure characterization of whey coproducts will improve the antioxidant and emulsion properties of these lower value ingredients, thus increasing the economic revenue of whey-based coproducts while providing solutions to the challenge of delivering active food constituents into complex food systems.