May 9, 2017
professor baumler with his graduate students and family accepting the awardProfessor Baumler with his current graduate students and family members accepting the award

Professor David Baumler recently received the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) Outstanding Advising and Mentoring Award.

Professor Baumler was nominated by Food Science Ph.D. candidate Morrine Omolo, who says his mentorship style cares for and challenges his students both professionally and personally.

Specifically, Omolo noted that Professor Baumler treats his students like colleagues, allowing them to work on projects that are relevant to their future goals and personal interests in addition to bringing new ideas and concepts to the table. He also makes graduate student advisement a priority, setting aside time to meet frequently with each of his students, attend their research presentations and providing time and funds for each student to attend professional conferences.

He also continually challenges students, both undergraduate and graduate, by incorporating hands-on activities and real-live problem solving, making the lessons applicable to everyday life.

“At this stage in my studies, I’m making many life-altering decisions both professionally and in my personal life,” said Omolo. “It is priceless to have an advisor who considers me and these decisions important and worthy of his time.”