FSCN Departmental Showcase 2020

FSCN Showcase 2020

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition (FScN) is excited to share a two-day, hybrid showcase featuring a keynote address by U of M President Joan Gabel.  We will present two days of faculty, students, and community members on topics related to food systems, education, and health.  Please see our two-day agenda for presentations, poster sessions, resources.  

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FScN Showcase Agenda (All times listed are in Central Time)

Daily presentations   A combination of in-person, virtual, and recorded presentations.  

Thursday, October 1, 2020

9:30 AM | Zoom | Student Initiatives in the Department: Join a session featuring facilitated student discussions with food science and nutrition student club leaders, discussing initiatives and involvement with the department. Moderated by Maha Tahiri

11:45 AM | Invite-Only, Hybrid* | Advisory Council lunch and meeting (Invitation Only)

2:30 PM  | Hybrid*  | Introduction to the Showcase with FScN faculty members Craig Hassel and George Annor, with recent PhD graduate Keagan Ringling

3:00 PM | Hybrid* | Keynote presentation: University of Minnesota President Gabel addresses the U of M and department's role in Minnesota food systems and nutrition

3:30 PM | Hybrid* | Panel with CFANS Dean Brian Buhr, Community Wellness Center's Elder Atum Azzahir, FScN Advisory Council member Dave Pascoe, and FScN Department Head Job Ubbink. Facilitated by Al Levine, Professor Emeritus

4:00 PM | Hybrid* | Spotlight: Community Driven Engagement: Neighborhood Nutrition and the Ancient Grains Initiative, with Elder Atum Azzahir and Craig Hassel

4:30 p.m. End of day's sessions

Friday, October 2, 2020

9:00 AM Zoom | Introduction to food science and nutrition signature areas, with graduate students Melissa Jansma and Alissa Perteet-Jackson, and Keagan Ringling, '20 PhD

9:10 AM Zoom | Departmental research initiatives in food systems, with FScN faculty members Mindy Kurzer, Pam Ismail, and Moon-Suhn Ryu. Facilitated by Job Ubbink

9:40 AM Zoom | Creating business opportunities and ensuring food security via food science and nutrition, with Department of Applied Economics faculty members Jolleen Hadrich, Mike Boland and Hikaru Peterson. Facilitated by Professor Tonya Schoenfuss

10:10 AM Zoom | How to connect disciplinary learning with the development of transferable skills, with John Finley, Ph.D.,  National Program Leader for Human Nutrition Agricultural Research Service, USDA; Janice Rueda, PhD, Director of Research and Business Development for Archer Daniels Midland Company; and Aimee Tritt, MS, Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist at Hennepin County Medical Center and FScN lecturer. Facilitated by CFANS Associate Dean Mike White

-10:30 a.m. Break-

10:40 AM Zoom | Identifying Opportunities: How FScN can contribute to more healthful, sustainable, and equitable food systems, with Melissa Jansma, Alissa Perteet-Jackson, Keagan Ringling, '20 PhD, and Dave Pascoe '08 PhD, Nutrition

11:10 AM Zoom | Next Steps: Summary of outcomes and plan for action. How FScN can contribute to research, outreach, and training for food, health, and environment | Job Ubbink and Therese Liffrig

Closing remarks by Job Ubbink, FScN Department Head

*Hybrid sessions include both a Zoom viewing option, as well as a limited number of in-person seats, at the Continuing Education and Conference Center on the St. Paul campus. Register in advance to receive further details.