Sophie Loberg

Throughout the month of March we will be highlighting current students from our DPD program as part of National Nutrition Month®

This week we feature senior Sophie Loberg.

sophie loberg standing in front of a brick wallWhy did you choose Nutrition at the University of Minnesota?

I chose Nutrition at the University of Minnesota because I wanted to be closer to home, be in a city, and knew there were countless opportunities that would help me succeed here.

What are your career goals after graduation?

My future career goals after graduation are to be matched with a Dietetic Internship, earn a Master's degree in Nutrition, and become a registered dietitian. A long term goal of mine is to work with athletes with Diabetes Mellitus. In college I have encountered and befriended many students and individuals who are diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and they have inspired me to want to work with this population. 

Do you do any Nutrition-related work or volunteer activities outside the classroom? 

I currently am a nutrition intern for the U of M football program. I assist the players in making sure they are fueled for their workouts and help them make food choices based on their performance and diet goals. I volunteer at Venture Academy as well in their after school program bringing in recipes to teach the students how to bake and adopt skills in the kitchen. This past summer I also volunteered at a school in Guatemala to give support and mentorship to the underprivileged population by screening for malnutrition and helping the kids and school understand the basics of eating for nourishment.

Favorite healthy snack?

My favorite healthy snack is a protein smoothie with frozen blueberries, bananas, peanut butter, chia seeds, and vanilla protein powder.

Funniest question asked by people when they learn you're a Nutrition major?

"How much peanut butter do I need to eat to gain 20 pounds of muscle?" (Who doesn't love peanut butter?!)

Any advice for future Nutrition students?

My advice for future Nutrition students is to find your own version of balance. Being a student, we may find ourselves comparing ourselves to others thinking that we need to be doing what other students are doing. Remember that one of the best things you can do to succeed is to create your own goals and move at your own pace in order to achieve them. Try not to take on too many tasks in school, work, or volunteering, it will only stress you out more than you already are. Take it slow by picking up a new hobby or volunteering opportunity once or twice a year and stay with it so you can get value out of the work you are putting in. You are only in college once so make the most out of your experience! Surround yourself with friends and classmates who support you, what you stand for, and possibly give you a reality check when you need it, but also someone who you can be your crazy self with and have an awesome time creating memories!