Nutrition Graduate Student Handbook

This handbook provides a description of the Nutrition Graduate Program and a summary of its policies and degree requirements. Also included is a list of the graduate faculty and other important information. All graduate students are responsible for reading this handbook and becoming familiar with the policies. Every semester students should review the steps needed to maintain progress toward graduation.

Table of Contents

Admission, Prerequisites, Advisers
Master's Degree Requirements
Doctoral Degree Requirements
Registration Information and Program Requirements
Nutrition Graduate Faculty Research Interests
Nutrition Degree Plan Worksheet
Suggested Research Methods Courses to Meet Requirement
Dietetic Internship
Information for International Students
Nutrition MS Plan B Option Guidance (.pdf)
Best Advising Practices for Graduate Student Success (.pdf)

The information in this handbook and other University catalogs, publications, or announcements is subject to change without notice. University offices can provide current information about possible changes. Information was last updated on June 5, 2017.