Doctoral Program

What are the Doctoral Degree Requirements? 

The doctor of philosophy is primarily a research degree.  Consequently, it’s heavily focused on the research and less on coursework.  The following research areas are available in the program:

  • Human Nutrition
  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Public Health Nutrition

The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of 50 credits.If you have a M.S. in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota, the minimum number of credits for the Ph.D. degree will be determined upon enrollment based on the courses included in the MS degree plan.

14 Graduate Level Course Credits in Nutrition

  • NUTR 8621, Presentation Skills (Fall, 1cr)  Should been taken the first fall semester
    An orientation class taught by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)

Graduate Nutrition core series*

  • NUTR 5625 - Nutritional Biochemistry (Fall, 3 cr)
  • NUTR 5626 - Nutritional Physiology (Spring, 3 cr)
  • NUTR 5622 - Vitamin and Mineral Biochemistry (Spring, 3 cr)
  • NUTR 5624 – Nutrition and Genetics (Fall, 2 credits) 

One 8xxx level courses (2 cr.) from the following list:

  • NUTR 8620, Advances in Nutrition (Spring)
  • NUTR 8620, Advances in Nutrition (every other Fall)
  • NUTR 8620/PHSL 8620 Advances in Nutrition: Obesity Prevention from the Molecule to the Bedside (Fall)

12 Graduate Level Course Credits Outside the Major 

  • Must include one graduate level Statistics course. 
  • Students enrolling Fall semester 2015 and later must include one graduate level research methods course (at least 2 cr.). Students can select from a list of recommended courses already offered across the university in consultation with their advisor.
  • Other courses may be from any field but must be at the 5xxx or 8xxx level. (Exceptions: 6xxx Public Health courses are allowed)
  • Certain course requirements may be deemed met if their equivalents were taken at another institution and the transfer of graduate courses for credit may also be considered when a student submits their Graduate Degree Plan to the DGS for approval.

24 Doctoral Thesis Credits (NUTR 8888)

Additional Doctoral Degree Requirements 

  • All required courses, except NUTR 8621, must be taken A/F
  • Maintenance of a 3.0 GPA
  • In addition to the academic requirements, students are expected to obtain teaching experience.  All Ph.D. Nutrition graduate students are expected to assist in teaching a course three times.
  • Passage of a preliminary written exam (See Appendix C)
  • Passage of a preliminary oral exam (See Appendix C), taken after passage of the preliminary written exam
  •  Passage of a final oral exam (See Appendix D)
  • Completion of a doctoral thesis