Your potential for personal and professional fulfillment in the field of nutrition is virtually unlimited. Career opportunities continue to grow rapidly with the search for solutions to nutrition-related problems.

An advanced nutrition degree will qualify you to:

  • conduct research in colleges and universities
  • teach in colleges and universities
  • hold nutrition-related positions in government, healthcare facilities, commodity organizations, corporations and industry
  • administer food service or international food or agriculture programs

Also, if you complete the additional graduate requirements to become a Registered Dietitian, you may practice as a dietitian in research, clinical, or food service settings.

These are some examples of where our Nutrition Graduate Program Students have gone after graduation:

  • Faculty member, Department of Nutrition, Texas A&M, Kingsville
  • Faculty member, Department of Preventive Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Faculty member, Department of Nutrition, Pennsylvania State University
  • Coordinator, Center for Education and Leadership in Maternal and Child Nutrition, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota
  • Faculty member, Frederick Hutchinson Cancer Center, Seattle, Washington
  • Faculty member, Department of Nutrition, Utah State University, Logan, Utah
  • Nutrition Group, Research and Development, Kraft Foods
  • Clinical Dietitian, University Hospital, University of Minnesota
  • Research and Development, Novartis Nutrition Corporation
  • Research Associate, Clinical Research Center, University of Minnesota School of Medicine