Kara Goldfein

kara goldfeinName: Kara Goldfein
Hometown: Charleston, Ill.
Degree Pursuing: Food Science M.S.
Adviser: Joanne Slavin
Research TitleThe Challenges of Labeling Added Sugars
My research focus has been on added sugars, which is included in FDA’s proposal for updating the Nutrition Facts label, and sharing the challenges that the food industry will face in order to label added sugars. It brings the food science perspective of why “added sugars” are added to foods.  

Seminar presentation archive (video) 

How did you become interested in food science? 
My mom’s roommate in college was in food science, and I thought it sounded cool after I heard that she developed food products that I eat.  

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota?
I moved up here for my current role as a food labeler with General Mills, and thus, I transferred to the University of Minnesota to complete my graduate degree.

How does your research tie in to the research being done in your adviser's lab?
Our lab works on requirements for carbohydrates in human diets. We also work on nutrition policy. Added sugars labeling will present challenges for both food processors and consumers that are highlighted in my graduate work.

Future plans 
My future plans include continuing to work in the food industry and potentially go into research & development.