Program Requirements

The Food Science Graduate Program requires the student to have breadth in food science and depth in an area of study within food science. The minimum graduate Food Science core course requirements for breadth in food science are as follows.

Core Requirements:

FSCN 4112 Food Chemistry and Functional Foods (3 cr)*
FSCN 4121 Food Microbiology (3 cr)*
FSCN 4332 Food Processing Operations (3 cr)*

One of the following:

FSCN 5122 Food Fermentations and Biotechnology and FSCN 5123 Molecular Biology for Applied Scientists* 
FSCN 5131 Food Quality*
FSCN 5312 Food Analysis *

*If a student has taken these course(s) or their equivalents they can take other courses but must take an additional 5 FScN credits at the 5XXX and 8XXX and rest are free to be used elsewhere.

Additional Courses:

-  FSCN 8318 Current Issues in Food Science

- At least 3 FSCN course credits at the 5XXX or 8XXX level 

- MS: Additional 5XXX and 8XXX credits to reach minimum of 20 course credits
- PhD: Additional 5XXX and 8XXX credits to reach minimum of 24 course credits

Thesis Credits

Master's Plan A: 10 credits of FSCN 8777 Thesis Credits: Master’s

Master’s Plan B: 10 additional course credits are substituted for the 10 thesis credits.  The courses to substitute are decided upon by the student and adviser. Only 4 credits of Independent Study or Research Topics are allowed on the Degree Plan and only 9 credits of 4XXX level courses are allowed on the Degree Plan.
PhD: 24 credits of FSCN 8888 Thesis Credits: Doctoral