Fanqing Feng

: Fanqing Feng 
Hometown: Wuhan, China
Degree Pursing: Master's in Nutrition
Adviser: Daniel Gallaher
Research focus: Beta-glucan intakes on type II diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rodents
How did you become interested in nutrition?
My interests in Nutrition started in high school when I first learned to cook. My mother taught me how to plan three meals and told me what we eat makes who we are. Since then, I had an enthusiasm in how eating habits and food choices can impact our health and diseases. 
Why did you choose the University of Minnesota?
The U of M is one of the top public universities in the Great Lakes and Midwest area with a great reputation. The department of Food Science and Nutrition also has outstanding, diverse research faculty and many professional opportunities which help me to build the foundations for my future career. The Emily Program dietetic internship is also one of the best national dietetic internships and the graduate students in the department can be offered with this precious opportunity to work with nutritional professionals to better understand the career prospects in nutrition.
How does your research tie in with your adviser's research?
My research is a continuous study from a previous Ph.D. student's findings. The previous study showed that the viscous fibers may improve nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases in type II diabetic rodents. My study is to confirm this finding and further explore the reason behind the improvement effects of viscous fibers on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in diabetic rodents.
What are your future plans?
 I finished the dietetic internship in April and plan to get the registered dietitian license this summer. My career plan is to find a clinical dietitian position in hospital where I can continue my exploration in nutrition and diseases.