Community Nutrition

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Marla M. Reicks

The focus of Reicks' current research is to better understand eating behavior regarding intake of calcium-rich and whole grain foods, and fruits and vegetables by children, adults and families. She also conducts theory-based intervention studies to change behaviors to improve diet quality and prevent weight gain.
Chery F. Smith

Smith is interested in how environment, age, socioeconomic status, culture, and food insecurity influence the nutritional status, dietary behavior, and health of selected populations (Native Americans, Hmong, African Americans, homeless individuals, veterans, and Sherpas). She is also particularly interested in the hunger-obesity paradox in the US. Additionally, she is looking at food access by Minnesotans living in food deserts (places with limited food resources). Lastly, Smith is interested in the anthropology of foods.
Zata M. Vickers

Vickers' research centers on food acceptability. Within this broad topic she has interests in how the sensory properties of food affect food acceptability and food choice, how repeatedly eating a food changes the acceptability of the food, and how consumer characteristics (e.g., eating experience, emotions, beliefs, genetics, habits, etc.) influence the liking/disliking of foods. Current projects in this area include: 

  • Measuring the complexity of hunger and fullness sensations produced by consuming foods
  • Examining the influence of personal characteristics on the liking of and satisfaction with foods that are repeatedly eaten.
  • Increasing the liking and consumption of healthy foods, especially vegetables
  • Understanding and measuring key sensory attributes of foods.