Jean Curtis

Throughout the month of March we will be highlighting current students from our DPD program as part of National Nutrition Month®

This week we feature senior Jean Curtis.

jean curtis headshotWhy did you choose Nutrition at the University of Minnesota?

I loved all of my biology and health classes in high school. Plus, I love food! Put that all together and you get the Dietetics program! I decided to attend the U because of its amazing accredited Dietetics program.

What are your career goals after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to work as an intern in a year-long Dietetics internship in Las Vegas. My ultimate goal is to work as a Community Dietitian in a very diverse neighborhood.

Do you do any Nutrition-related work or volunteer activities outside the classroom?

I currently work as a health and wellness intern at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. I enjoy this position because I can practice spreading factual nutrition information in simplistic terms to my peers.

Favorite healthy snack?

Roasted Pepper Hummus and pita chips

Funniest question asked by people when they learn you’re a Nutrition major?

"So you never eat junk food, right? Only salads?"

Of course I eat junk food! I'm a college student! ...But in moderation!

What piece of advice do you have for future Nutrition students?

Try and receive as much experience with Chemistry as possible. It comes in handy and saves you money and time, trust me. Also, save your money. If not, then the Dietetic internship can get quite expensive!