Sydney Boehnlein

Name: Sydney Boehnlein
Hometown: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Degree Pursuing: MS in Nutrition
Adviser: Dr. Joanne Slavin
Research focus: Sports Nutrition

How did you become interested in food science and/or nutrition? 
I became interested in nutrition due to personal health complications in which food was the source of the problem and also the key to success. But more importantly, I was interested in the large impact food had on all aspects of life including performance, energy, mood, long term health, and so much more. I’ve also had a lifelong love for sports and food and this seemed like the perfect career marrying the two. With all things considered I knew this was the right path for me.

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota?
I chose the University of Minnesota due to its top notch program for nutrition and the endless amount of opportunities surrounding the university and the city. After only a short time here, I was hooked. Now, after over five years of living here with a Bachelor’s degree and an almost Master’s degree both from the University of Minnesota, I would say that it is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

How does your research tie in to the research being done in your adviser's lab?
My own relationship with Dr. Slavin has powered my research. She has been nothing short of supportive and has assisted me in whatever way she could to finish the expedited path I have taken. I think the general tie between us is working with macronutrient research towards helping people achieve their goals and improve overall health.

Future plans 
Starting August 2016, I will be attending The Emily Program Dietetic Internship for a ten month practice in all aspects of nutrition. After a successful attempt at the Registered Dietitian exam, I will continue on with my goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian specializing in sports performance hopefully at the collegiate level.