Strategic Plan

Department of Food Science and Nutrition Strategic Plan

During the 2015-16 academic year, the Department of Food Science and Nutrition undertook a strategic planning process to set the stage and direction for the next ten years. With the help of a consultant and commitment from faculty, staff and students, the department produced a 12-page document outlining its mission, vision and strategic priorities. 

The original strategic plan will serve as a 'living document' meaning the strategic planning committee is open to modify and change goals as original milestones are met. We invite everyone in the FSCN community to read this document and join us as we continue to grow and challenge ourselves to become the best we can be. Members of the strategic planning committee will hold monthly meetings and provide updates of our progress. Please keep an eye on our website, social media and monthly newsletter for progress reports. 

A special thank-you to the strategic planning committee members: Professor David Baumler, (former) Professor Francisco Diez, Professor Dan Gallaher, Professor Craig Hassel, Therese Liffrig, Professor Len Marquart, Rachel Reisig, Professor Tonya Schoenfuss and Catrin Tyl.